Why Professional Hospital ?  Conditions in the following 17 items which is very important for the success of the process instead of performing hair transplantation should be complete. Please while you are doing research centers and prefer these matters preference to fulfill them. Otherwise it can become a cause of missing any substance which reduces the quality of your hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation

Why Professional Hospital ?

 Conditions in the following 17 items which is very important for the success of the process instead of performing hair transplantation should be complete. Please while you are doing research centers and prefer these matters preference to fulfill them. Otherwise it can become a cause of missing any substance which reduces the quality of your hair transplantation.

1) Make sure that the person you are talking to a doctor. Shown you, “before – after” photos, make sure to do your surgery were processed by people.

2) The establishment of the plantation you will make sure that the service MINISTRY OF HEALTH LICENSED and TAX BOARD.

3) Meeting venues that do not trust you, exaggerated promises from the sense you doubt the attempt to take immediate surgery.

4) Operation to help ensure that only doctors and medical staff entered the reason your doctor before surgery olun.b absolute opinion. Ask your question to himself.

5) Low wage and will reduce the quality of health care is good, as in all other services of a material cost is absolutely sure.

6) Issue of Hair Restoration Guide Photos will be withdrawn. (This photo, which was written plan is a very special photo of your whole operation is extremely important, especially at the stage grooving.)

7) Make sure that your surgery done by doctors at the hospital.

8) Preoperative your own ‘patient files’ look.

9) Blood tests done before surgery is required then and ‘anesthesia’ is sure to be examined by a doctor.

10) During operation regularly ‘tension’ will be followed, make sure you serum will be installed.

11) Make sure your doctor before surgery will make your planning.

12) Planning, Local Anesthesia, Tissue test, your doctor during all phases of operation including a large local application make sure you will do it himself.

13) Is kept in the hospital for your listing, make sure your protocol number received.

14) You will use the drug after surgery and every aspect of your shampoo as you ensure that describes writing and orally.

15) Possible encounter with any questions or if you want to ask something ‘surgery is that you can reach your doctor by calling the hospitals’ sure.

16) Price to computerized hair analysis (the number of hair follicles in this analysis cm2, is looking at parameters such as hair thickness and are very important for the operation), a haircut, a mini check-ups, special room allocated for the necessary exceptions, hair transplantation surgery, anesthesia, operation all drugs and materials used, controls, washing, dressings, all of the services such as creating a photo archive, make sure that you include.

17) In hair transplantation; only medical doctors, specialists and nurses should work Hair.

Progress of the Hair

INSPECTION: To be examined by the doctor and the patient’s hair analysis process is the first stage of the operation. Inspection with a decision whether or not appropriate to the patient’s hair.

CHECK-UP: If possible one day before surgery or surgery should be performed in the morning. In this way, possible diseases that could create risk patients have been identified and measures to be taken.

LOCAL ANESTHESIA: The scalp through the pain medication that contains in it applies to a very small needle. The patient is made to feel no pain during the whole operation. antibiotics in the patient’s arm is fitted with a serum that drugs that inhibit the swelling of the face analgesic and operation. The patient does not feel any pain, but is still in touch with is awake and the environment. his time to chat with the team during the whole operation, spends listening to music or watching TV.

RECEIVING GRAFT: TISSUE TESTING called the doctor and made following a short procedure performed by. Each graft (in the root-bearing follicles) are carefully and individually FUE engine in the upper neck and ears, after being identified as being few roots (one, two and sometimes can carry more than three root) placed counted into the liquid in the specific heat.

PHOTOS OF GRAFT: Info is a procedure performed after all grafts to be. Photo taken and inserted into the patient’s archives. This is the most important evidence that the number of transplanted grafts promised him all the patients.

OPENING OF CHANNEL: One is a continuation of the above-mentioned front hairline and is very important for natural results. Channels (stem holes will be placed into) still opens with a method specific to our clinic. Channel angles are determined by abiding by the terms of the previously existing hair in that area. In this way, the natural image after prolonged hair and ease the scanning is obtained in any desired direction.

PLANTED OF GRAFT: According to a single plan ahead of the roots of the doctors is a very specific process that planted a row of double and triple root. All of the grafts after the trenching process is placed in a previous stage of opening private channels and ‘plantation’ process is completed.

WASHING YOUR HAIR FOR THE FIRST TIME: First wash the average will be 48 hours by our own team. Our patients coming from abroad who want or can make themselves at home looking at the first washing our hair transplant video.

STAKE COMMENCEMENT OF HAIR: Rarely find a process that is usually completed within 9 months of the year. Located at the tip of root hairs planted within the first 2-3 weeks break and fall out. Keep the roots are planted under the skin in about a week and average start to appear within 3 months. 97% have 8-10 months in the interests of the transplanted hair. You can extend this protracted as you wish your own hair, you can paint, you can shave and browse to the desired direction.

FUE Method of Hair

Since 2004, implemented in our country in this process; hair follicles from the donor site will be ready for planting on one by one. It has done without any surgical procedure.

            From the back of the hair roots with 0.7 to 1 mm micromotor end is taken individually and planted in sparse or light areas. Average 2500-3500 hair grafts can be planted in open areas. You do not need stitches. FUE hair transplantation surgery in the determination of the density of the root cm² will be applied to the planting area it is important for the success of the operation. This method is more preferable in terms of the comfort of the person. FUE technique or surgical methods for visibly marking the transmitter field is also preferred by patients. It is a painless procedure performed under local anesthesia for. This process should be done in a hospital operating room conditions and average It takes 6 – 7 hours.

The next day is recommended FUE is resting after a day job can make patients. 3. The hair from the month, going all takes an average of 9 months.

            Today, many hair experts now prefer to motor systems in order to save time. Fue Engine can be obtained through more frequent intervals graft can be removed is the same amount of area greater number of grafts taken from the field compared to scan engine. Fue Another advantage is that the motor so that multiple roots radical having from 2 to 3 and 4 to be less than that of grafts follicular unit further fragmentation rate of success in maintaining the integrity so. With this engine the reasons Fua said to become more comfortable operation of the plantation.


  • FUE method is the most recent technique used since 2004.
  • patient and according to the old method is much more comfortable operation for both the physician.
  • Having a clear technical advantage of the technological developments therefore a little more each day from the blessings of technology.
  • Used motor and the operation ends due to time according to the FUT is much shorter.
  • not persuade the patient to the possibility of having to cut any and feel comfortable during operations is much higher.
  • There is no need to spend extra time for the separation of the stem.
  • The stitches are sufficient for about 15 days to find time instead of dressing the FUE technique only 3-day dressing.
  • 2500-3000 grafts in one session (average 6000-6500 hairs) transported.
  • FUE does not leave any marks unlike FUT technique.
  • FUE, making multiple sessions and many are eligible to take the graft.
  • FUE is also covered by a single stage in the opening of 85% of the patients. A second session is needed only for patients like 15%.
  • FUE the operation time is shorter (about 6 -7 hours). It does not need extra time for separation of the graft.
  • FUE technique taken in clean and free of residual radicals, so it is possible to open smaller channels. Thus, in the field of transplantation would be no trace.
  • Patients without a bandage on his head, was discharged with casual hat.
  • The patient comes a day after the state can do their daily work.
  • Immediately after the first wash (after about 36 hours) per patient can return to work. FUT technique at this time is much longer.

         Initially much less preferred by the physician FUE method, also it showed a more reliable method is very widespread among physicians today.

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