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Ayder plateau is located 19 km from Çamlıhemşin district of Rize. 1350m southeast. An altitude covered with spruce and beech forests at altitude. It is the first stop of mountaineers who come to Kaçkar Mountain. It has improved considerably after it was declared as a tourism region.

There are many natural beauties to visit around Ayder Plateau. The most famous of these, Fırtına Creek, offers lush landscapes as well as the opportunity for rafting for its enthusiasts.

Ayder Plateau Hot Springs and Benefits

This touristic place does not have much history, but as we mentioned to you in 1300, the tradition that was started by the Halali community since the day, has met with us after 5 centuries. You can go to many spa facilities in the plateau and benefit from the spa service. Mineral hot spring water, which is extracted from underground at around 60 degrees, falls to 40 degrees and heals many diseases by not losing much of its mineral. It is useful to try the hot spring water of Ayder Plateau, which is good for skin diseases, joint and bone diseases.


 What to do in Ayder Plateau?


  • Bull Festival
  • Snowman Festivals
  • Skiing Sport
  • Rafting
  • Walking Activities
  • Great Ayder Festivals


   Places To Visit in  Ayder And Its Vicinity 


  • Ayder Hot Springs
  • Bridal tulle waterfall (Tiçko Waterfall)
  • Cloud Waterfall
  • Tor Stream Waterfall
  • Palovit Waterfall
  • Samistal plateau
  • Gallery flat Camping and festival area
  • Kavrun Plateau
  • Çeymakçur Plateau
  • Gito Plateau
  • Pokut Plateau
  • Sal Plateau
  • Badara Plateau
  • Huser Plateau


  Local Dishes of Ayder


  • Poached egg
  • Anchovy Steamed
  • Anchovy Bird
  • Korkoto Soup
  • Cabbage Soup
  • Anchovy Soup
  • Bean Soup
  • Mincu
  • Muhlama
  • Beans Tavali
  • Pickle Roasting
  • Chard Roaster
  • The Cumur
  • The Eksas

Best Hotels of Ayder

Ayder Doğa Resort
Gelgör Hotel

Villa de  pelit hotel


Ayder Paradise Hotel

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