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Corona Criteria That Tour And Transfer Vehicles

Should Follow


  • A plan will be prepared for Covid-19 and hygiene practices for in-vehicle use, taking the luggage into the luggage compartment and placing passenger luggage as contactless as possible.
  • A social distance plan will be prepared for the in-vehicle session layout, the queue that may occur outside and inside the vehicle while getting in and out of the vehicle.
  • Stop and ventilation times will be determined in order to ventilate the vehicle frequently.
  • For each tour and transfer, the procedures for registering the guests who will get on the vehicle and keeping these records will be prepared.
  • Written and visual boards will be prepared in the vehicle regarding Covid-19 and hygiene practices and will be hung in suitable areas.


In-Vehicle Applications


  • The maintenance and repair of the vehicle’s ventilation and air-conditioning system will be made to the authorized service or specialist trained periodically and its filters will be changed frequently.
  • For an effective disinfection, all surfaces in the vehicle will be cleaned from all dirt and waste. Cleaning and disinfection of the entire vehicle (including the luggage compartment) will be provided with products approved by the Ministry of Health before a new tour or transfer in an isolated area.
  • The surfaces such as door handles, touch screens, control panels, seat edges, seat surfaces, seat belt buckles and steering wheels, where hand contact is intensive in the vehicle, will be cleaned and recorded after each time.
  • The personnel will maintain social distance in case of service during the journey.


Measures And Applications To Be Taken For The Staff


  • Body temperature will be measured every time the staff comes to work.
  • Whether there are Covid-19 patients in the people with whom the staff live together will be questioned and recorded.
  • Chauffeur and other personnel will be provided to use / find the vehicle by wearing a mask continuously.
  • Chauffeur and other personnel will use handheld antiseptic every time they get into the vehicle.
  • As much as possible, the same staff will be ensured to work in the same tour or transfer process.
  • The personnel will be informed about the usage amounts, duration and usage methods in their packages or boxes when using masks and hand antiseptics.
  • Personnel will be ensured to take care of their personal hygiene and hygiene. (Before and after meals, washes your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after cleaning and toilet use, and does it often provide hand hygiene?)
  • Personnel with fever, cough, shortness of breath and similar complaints will be directed to health institutions and their situation will be monitored.
  • The protective equipment to be used by the personnel will be provided in sufficient quantity.
  • Precautions will be taken to ensure that people who maintain, repair and clean the vehicle and supply goods other than vehicle personnel do not make any contact with vehicle personnel, and maintain their social distance rule and use their protective equipment.


Side Service Applications


  • If food and beverage services are provided in the vehicle, a presentation will be made in closed packages.
  • Disposable products (plates, glasses, spoons, forks, napkins, etc.) will be used in the food and beverage service.


Waste Management


  • Special garbage bags will be provided for personnel antiseptic and waste to be used after their operations.
  • Trash cans and other cleaning equipment used will be cleaned periodically.

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