Pelit Chocolate Museum (Chocolate Museum)

Pelit Chocolate Museum (Chocolate Museum) may be exactly where you are looking for, a world of chocolate.

In this world that chocolate lovers will love, there are chocolate fountains, villages made entirely of chocolate and chocolate sculptures of important people. Here you can find all your curiosity about where this world is designed by Pelit, chocolate museum works and the entrance fee of Pelit chocolate museum. Chocolate museum is an unusual excursion recommendation for those in Istanbul or those who fall to Istanbul.

It started with the departure in 1957 of Turkey’s first chocolate museum Pelita family. Expressing that chocolate is an art and passion in his art, he created the chocolate museum for both children and adults. Located in the Esenler district of Istanbul, the museum comes first in the list of places to visit with children in Istanbul.

The important people of the world art, the fairy tale heroes that will attract the great attention of children and the sculptures of famous legends are made entirely from chocolate, and are presented to the taste of both adults and children who visit the museum.

 Pelit Chocolate Museum Works

Turkey’s first chocolate museum consists of 5 sections. There are chocolate waterfalls that you constantly encounter in shopping malls, imagine that they are bigger, the waterfall on the ground floor is waiting for you.

Tables depicting the house and the history of chocolate made of real chocolate, without the use of models or any reduction ratio, are the other works on the ground floor of the museum.

There are 4 different chocolate museum sections: Istanbul, Turkish Elders, Civilizations and Artists. In these sections;

In the section about Istanbul, important works such as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, the Maiden’s Tower and the Bosphorus Bridge were designed in chocolate form and presented to the visitors of the museum.

In the section about Turkish Elders, the busts of important names such as Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Osman Gazi are in chocolate form.

In the section about artists, works of important names such as Pablo Picasso are waiting for you.

The paintings symbolizing the Hittite, Ancient Greek and Byzantine Periods welcome you in the civilizations section of the Chocolate Museum.

Chocolate waterfalls, houses and paintings include chocolate making and cake making workshops, which will attract a lot of attention of children.

Pelit Chocolate Museum Treats

We reminded that the hot chocolate waterfalls you see in the shopping malls are more gigantic here, adults can ask, “We paid so much money, is there no offer?” Here is the exact answer to your problem.

You can taste the hot flowing chocolate waterfall. You can taste special tastes in the cafe and restaurant sections of the chocolate museum. Chocolate museum treats are limited only to taste the waterfall. Of course, different treats are offered depending on the interest of the staff over time.

Pelit Chocolate Museum Opening Hours


Day Opening Closing
Everyday 10:00 17:00


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