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It located in the central part of Turkey’s Black Sea region. It is located on the Black Sea coast, at the junction of Boztepe Cape with the land. Sinop Castle is the most interesting place in the city in terms of history and tourism. The best known building history in the city is Sinop Prison. Next to this building, Alaattin Mosque, Pervane Madrasa, Pasha Bases and Serapis Temple are other historical centers of the city. Ruins remain from the Balatlar Church, the only church in the city. However, this does not harm the tourist side of the city.

The city’s central population is approximately 49,400.

Places to visit

Sinop Castle

It was built on the peninsula in the 7th century BC to protect the city of Sinop. The castle was repaired and used in Romans, Byzantines and Seljuks in various periods. This castle, which preserves its splendor even today, is 2050 m long, 25 m high, 3 m wide and has two entrance gates.

Sinop Old Prison – Sinop Old Shipyard

Sinop Prison makes a great contribution to the tourism of Sinop. The prison is a structure built in the old shipyard area inside the inner castle. The prison was the largest shipyard in the Ottoman Black Sea region. It is surrounded by high fortress bodies and has been used as a prison since 1887. The prisoners’ escape was impossible. Because it is surrounded by a castle all around. It is now open to visitors as the old Prison Museum. In 2004, 45,000 people visited. Devlet Giray, Sabahattin Ali, Refik Halit Karay, Mustafa Suphi, Ahmet Bedevi Kuran, Ruhi Su, Burhan Felek, Zekeriya Sertel and Nâzım Hikmet are some of the names that have lived in this prison. The poems about the prison came from Sabahattin Ali’s pen and “Aldırma Gönül” became popular among them. Sinop prison is now being tried to be made better with restoration works. Sinop’s old prison has hosted many TV shows and movies. For example: Behind Bars, Dog, Sorry … and many more. However, two people tried to escape, one drowned because there were six seas and the other managed to escape.

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