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What Are Hotel Accommodation Concepts?

1) What Does Bed + Breakfast Mean? (BB)

As the name suggests, the concept that only room accommodation and breakfast are included in the accommodation fee. In bed and breakfast accommodation, all food and drinks taken from the hotel except breakfast are charged extra and you will be billed by calculating when you leave the hotel.

2) What is Half Board? (HB)

This concept is the inclusion of breakfast and dinner in addition to the room accommodation. In addition to the accommodation, all food and drinks purchased from the hotel, except breakfast and dinner, are subject to extra charges and all of them are calculated and billed to you when you leave the hotel.

3) What Does Full Board and Full Board Plus Mean? (FB)

Full pension; It is the concept that breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the accommodation fee. Full board is a plus; It is the concept that lunch, dinner and soft drinks taken from the hotel throughout the day are included in the accommodation fee. Full board plus is not available in all facilities. Some of the facilities in the category of ‘Ski hotels’ or ‘Thermal hotels’ can be seen. When you decide to make a reservation in this concept, it is useful to learn from the travel agency or the hotel reception what the full-board accommodation includes and what is offered free of charge at what times. After all, the application of each facility is different.

4) What Does All Inclusive Accommodation Mean? (AI)

This is the most commonly used concept in large and starred holiday hotels. All-inclusive system means accommodation and eating and drinking arrangements. All inclusive concept; 3 meals during the stay, 5 o’clock tea and snacks and beverages (non-alcoholic beverages – local alcoholic drinks) throughout the day are included in the accommodation fee. Activities in hotels are not included in this concept. There is a perception that all-inclusive words usually include activities and sporting activities, and this perception is completely wrong. Also, in the all-inclusive system, the subject of beverage may differ from facility to facility. Turkish coffee or freshly squeezed fruit drinks may be charged extra in some hotels.

5) What Does Ultra All-Inclusive Mean? (UAI)

This concept is generally applied in large hotels with stars. Those who want to have a holiday without leaving the hotel prefer facilities that provide this type of service. In ultra all inclusive accommodation system; Breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, 5 o’clock tea drinks and snacks, dinner as well as local and imported alcoholic drinks are included in the accommodation fee. The difference between all inclusive concept and Ultra all inclusive accommodation is; In ultra all inclusive system, it means that they do not charge you any fee for 24 hours in the eating and drinking order. Likewise, the contents of the minibar in the rooms are free of charge. There are patisseries in the hotel that are open until 12 o’clock at night and provide free shuttle service to guests. In short; We can say that it is an ultra all-inclusive type of accommodation that includes almost 24-hour food service and imported alcoholic beverages. Ultra all inclusive hotels are also called ‘deluxe hotels’.

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