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What are the Types of Accommodation



Hotels with tourism business certificate are called “touristic hotels”. Touristic hotels under the control of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are classified according to world standards according to five different star systems in our country.

In addition to the general qualifications specified in the Regulation on the Certification and Qualifications of Tourism Facilities, the hotels that must meet the conditions specified for the class are classified according to the star system as follows:


  • One star hotels
  • Two star hotels
  • Three star hotels
  • Four star hotels
  • Five star hotels


Apart from this classification, seven-star hotels with some examples in the world have been put into service in our country in recent years. These hotels, which have more than five-star properties, are referred to as “seven-star hotels” outside the regulation.


  • One Star Hotels

One-star hotels have the following minimum qualifications:


  • At least ten rooms
  • Reception hall consisting of reception and lobby
  • Breakfast office and breakfast room
  • If the number of floors is more than three, customer lift proportional to the hotel capacity
  • Buffet service between 06:00 and 24:00
  • Cabinet with first aid materials and supplies
  • Direct telephone service in the rooms
  • The number of valuables that can serve at least twenty-five percent of the number of rooms


  • Two Star Hotels

Two-star hotels have the following minimum qualifications, together with the requirements for one-star hotels


  • Air conditioning system in general areas according to climatic conditions
  • Hair dryer in the rooms
  • Beverage service to rooms


  • Three Star Hotels

In three star hotels; The minimum qualifications that must be found together with the conditions sought for two star hotels are:


  • Air conditioning system in rooms according to climatic conditions
  • Separated living room from the lobby
  • TV in the rooms
  • Fifty percent of the rooms have a minibar and service material suitable for the types of food and drinks available.
  • Swimming pool or second class restaurant or cafeteria or multi-purpose hall for at least fifty people
  • Laundry and ironing service
  • Twenty-four-hour buffet service


  • Four Star Hotels

Four star hotels; Together with the conditions sought for three star hotels, they have the following qualifications:


  • Telephone booths in the reception hall
  • If the number of floors where the customers will descend or climb is more than two, the customer lift proportional to the hotel capacity
  • Air conditioning in rooms and public areas
  • Mini bar, safe box in the rooms
  • Room service from 06:00 to 24:00
  • Dry cleaning and tailor service
  • Sales store
  • In various languages; reading area with documents such as periodicals and books
  • First class restaurant serving fifty percent of the bed capacity, provided that its capacity is not less than one hundred people.
  • Continuous doctor service and infirmary, informing customers about this
  • At least fifteen percent of the number of personnel, trained personnel
  • Having administrative staff trained or at least five years experience
  • To those rooms; message leaving system or providing services for it


  • Multipurpose hall and foyer of at least one hundred people
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Indoor hall where cabaret, theater and cinema activities with a capacity of at least one hundred people can be held.
  • Cafeteria and snack bar
  • At least one hundred people conference hall, foyer, most connected with the hall

at least two study rooms, secretarial and simultaneous translation services

  • A separate hall that provides night club, discotheque or similar entertainment for at least a hundred people,
  • At least three of the units providing gymnastics, aerobics or billiard hall, sauna with alarm system, Turkish bath, mini golf, tennis or volleyball court, trampoline, bowling hall, go-kart track, ski and sea sports, squash hall or similar facilities. Posts
  • At least one hundred people lounge with cake and drink service
  • There should be at least three separate units of a la carte restaurant with at least five hot and cold dishes and dessert varieties from Turkish cuisine.


  • Five Star Hotels

Five star hotels; These are hotels with at least one hundred and twenty rooms that have superior features in terms of settlement status, structure, installation, equipment, decoration and service, and have some minimum qualifications with the conditions required for four-star hotels.


  • If the number of floors where the customers will land or climb is more than one, the customer lift proportional to the hotel’s capacity

In those rooms; work desk, central lighting button and socket at bedside end, full length mirror

In those rooms; At least ten emblems such as bathrobes, dental cleaning kit, disposable slippers, sewing kit, shoe wiper, polish, shower foam, make-up cleaning cotton, box tissue paper, umbrella

  • In the bathrooms; bathtub, reception telephone, magnifying mirror
  • Minimum of five percent of the room’s capacity, not less than six rooms, room arrangement without tobacco products
  • At least three of the units specified in the four-star hotel under the heading “features to be found separately”
  • Twenty-four hour room service
  • Garage or covered parking lot, twenty-four-hour staff in these areas,

In those rooms; internet or satellite broadcasting, providing internet access at a rate of ten percent of the number of rooms

  • Male and female hairdresser
  • Stores
  • Personnel trained at least twenty five percent of the number of staff
  • A la carte restaurant
  • Providing services such as customer relations and consultancy in a place separate from reception by experienced staff
  • Telephone connected to the reception in the corridors of the floors
  • If there are more than one conference room within the five-star hotel; up to three of these halls are counted from the units indicated under the heading of the features that should be available in a four-star hotel.



Motels are at least ten-roomed businesses that are built outside of residential areas, on the road route or in their immediate surroundings, meeting the parking needs of those traveling with their motor vehicles and catering and have the following minimum qualifications:


  • Road and direction signs that allow the facility to be easily found and seen, signs indicating the parking lot and other service facilities, good landscaping with adequate lighting
  • Necessary precautions against traffic noise
  • Windscreen, air curtain, revolving door or similar arrangement at the entrance, excluding the facilities that are kept open only during the summer season.
  • Reception and waiting area
  • Telephone, fax and internet services
  • The number of valuables that can serve at least twenty-five percent of the number of rooms
  • Living room and breakfast office arranged to serve breakfast
  • Twenty-four-hour buffet service
  • Cabinet with first aid materials and supplies
  • Twenty-four-hour sales unit
  • Eighty percent of the number of rooms, parking


 Holiday Village

Resorts; They are businesses with at least eighty rooms in natural beauties, consisting of a maximum of three-storey buildings, including floors gained from elevation in inclined lands, in a widespread settlement where various sports, entertainment and sales services are provided besides comfortable accommodation.


Qualified landscaping is done in the holiday villages by taking care to protect natural assets and local values. The resorts, which are divided into two groups as 4-star and 5-star resorts, have the following characteristics:


– Management facilities:

Management facilities have the following qualifications:


  • Reception area consisting of reception, information desk, telephone booth and waiting area
  • Sufficient sized luggage room, left-luggage service and luggage transport service
  • The number of valuables that can serve at least twenty-five percent of the number of rooms or in all of the customer bedrooms.
  • With the doctor and nurse agreement for continuous service, infirmary, informing customers about this
  • Providing services to customers such as visual documents that introduce the whole facility and facilitate access to all units.


– Overnight units:

Overnight units have the following characteristics:


  • Directional signs that will allow customers to easily access rooms and other units and which can be seen in the dark
  • Air conditioner according to climatic conditions
  • Direct telephone service in the rooms
  • Hair dryer, mini bar in the room bathrooms
  • The system of leaving messages to the rooms or providing services for this
  • Sports, entertainment, eating, resting facilities and landscaping:

These units have the following qualifications:

  • At least four of the various sports facilities suitable for the establishment place of the facility such as instrument gymnastics, billiards, bowling, golf, tennis, volleyball, badminton, trampoline, squash, water games, skiing and sea sports.
  • Indoor or outdoor swimming pool
  • At least three of the auxiliary facilities such as resting terraces, open or closed bar, open-air theater, open dance place
  • Game or TV lounge
  • Playground and special toilets for children in these places
  • Second-class restaurant in the facility that is compatible with the structure and operation characteristics of the resort
  • Separate living room or reading room from the reception area
  • Sales locations
  • Air conditioner according to climatic conditions
  • Laundry and ironing service
  • Installation in connection with reception in various places of the land


– Classification:

The facilities with the above-mentioned qualities are classified as four-star resorts, and the facilities that show superior characteristics in terms of settlement features, construction, installation, equipment, decoration and service, and additionally, the facilities with the following qualifications are classified as five-star resorts.

  • Television with satellite or video broadcasts in the rooms, safe box, bathrooms; at least five emblems such as bathrobes, dental cleaning kit, disposable slippers, shower foam, make-up cleaning cotton, box tissue paper
  • Separate seating group and qualified open space arrangement in the rooms such as balconies and terraces
  • Tobacco and tobacco products, minimum of five percent of the room capacity, not less than four rooms, non-smoking room arrangement
  • If the restaurant is arranged as a first class, there is also a cafeteria or a second class restaurant within the facility, the capacity of the first class restaurant can be arranged to be at least one hundred people, air conditioning according to the climatic conditions in the closed part of the restaurant, and necessary measures to protect from the sun and rain in the open parts, for the kitchen service courtyard and service entrance
  • Discotheque or a separate hall that provides night club or similar entertainment
  • Child care room and garden, where children are cared for and accompanied by specialist staff.
  • Turkish bath or sauna
  • Male and female hairdresser
  • Dry cleaning service
  • Personnel trained at least twenty five percent of the total number of staff
  • Enabling customers to participate in these opportunities with additional entertainment opportunities such as special nights, competitions and parties.
  • The location where internet service is provided at a level sufficient for one percent of the rooms
  • Providing services such as customer relations and consultancy in a place separate from reception by experienced staff.


Pensions; The management is simple, where the need for food can be provided by the administration or customers can prepare their own meals, at least five-roomed businesses and the minimum qualifications they should bear are:


  • Entrance hall, escrow service
  • A hall with sufficient capacity to meet the need for seating, dining and breakfast, which can also be partially open in summer facilities
  • In case the meal need is not provided by the establishment, sufficient number of refrigerators, cooking and grilling equipment, dish washing, preparation and material storages, service material cabinets in the pension kitchens according to the need.
  • Cabinet with first aid materials and supplies.


Campsites; These are establishments of at least ten units that are established in places with natural beauty such as sea, lake, mountain, on road routes and their close surroundings, and where they meet the needs of customers for overnight stay, eating, resting, entertainment and sports.

Apart Hotel

Apart hotels; These are the establishments that are built and furnished as an independent apartment or villa suitable for residential use, equipped with the necessary equipment to meet the customer’s own food and drink needs and operated as a hotel.

Apart hotels; It can be included in the investment or operation of a certified hotel or holiday village or tourism complex as well as at least ten units; It can be arranged under the name of “detached apart hotel” without having to be in a facility. The minimum qualifications of the apart hotels are:

  • Reception, waiting and administrative unit

– In apart units;

  • In the bedrooms; bed, bedside table, night light, wardrobe and in bed; bed sheets and sheathed pillows, pique and blanket according to climatic conditions
  • In the living room; capacity seat, dining table, chairs and coffee tables
  • In the kitchen; stove, refrigerator, sufficient service equipment, cabinets and closed metal waste bin

Automatic washing machine in case of no bath, laundry and ironing service

  • First aid cabinet

– Sales unit in apart-hotels apart from residential centers

In the apart hotels on site; If the reception, waiting and administrative unit and sales unit are arranged to serve apart hotel units, they will not be called.


Hostels; The minimum qualifications required to meet youth tourism and provide food and beverage services or that the customer has the opportunity to prepare their own meals personally are:

Entrance hall consisting of reception, cloakroom, safety deposit box, luggage room and waiting area

  • Living room suitable for capacity
  • Responsible person room associated with bedrooms
  • Restaurant, cafeteria service or kitchen, dining room with sufficient equipment that allows customers to prepare their own meals.
  • Arrangement that will enable customers to have fun with their own means
  • Rooms for up to eight people in separate sections for girls and boys and one bathroom for up to eight beds
  • First aid, safety and telephone services
  • Places that provide laundry, ironing and drying facilities
  • General warehouse and sports equipment room

Health and Sports Businesses

These are thermal enterprises and wellness establishments created for health tourism.

Thermal Enterprises

Thermal businesses; These are the thermal springs where the natural treatment elements originating from soil, underground, sea and climate are used as the therapeutic factor, the establishments and climate cure centers, and the facilities containing the units for treatment and recreation established there. There are two types of thermal enterprises: thermal accommodation and thermal cure enterprises:

Thermal accommodation enterprises; These are thermal enterprises that are operated and documented together with the main accommodation enterprises defined in this regulation and are named by specifying the type and class of the accommodation enterprises in which they are located. These businesses additionally have the following characteristics:

  • Second class restaurant if it is not available on site
  • Arrangements that will enable various sports activities
  • Careful landscaping in open areas

Thermal curing enterprises: These are the thermal firms that are operated and documented within the curing program without accommodation. These businesses have the following qualifications:

  • Entrance facilities and sales unit
  • First class restaurant or second class restaurant and cafeteria
  • Arrangements that will enable various sports activities
  • Careful landscaping in open areas

 Healthy Living Enterprises

Healthy living businesses; are the establishments within the primary accommodation facility determined in the regulation in the cultural and tourism protection and development regions and tourism centers. In these facilities organized in the natural environment; services are provided for creating common motivation and synergy through treatment, thinking, acting together, or rehabilitation or therapy after health treatment.

Healthy living businesses aim to provide healthy living services to customers. Supported by natural sports activities in open areas, food and nutrition, natural herbal baths, aroma therapy, beauty and aesthetics, excitement and entertainment, health and care services for various age groups are provided. These are facilities operated by specializing in all these services and specialized personnel are employed in the units required by the service. Healthy living businesses are named after specifying the type and class of accommodation businesses in which they are located. These businesses additionally have the following qualifications:

  • Second class restaurant if it is not available on site
  • Arrangements that will enable various sports activities
  • Careful landscaping in open areas

Rural Tourism Enterprises

The farm-village house, highland house and chalets (oberj), which is far from the city center and operated for those who want to have a holiday with nature.

 Farm House-Village House

They are at least five-room accommodation establishments established for the purpose of farm organization in rural areas and providing accommodation with farm production, where incoming customers can participate in work programs if they wish, allowing the rural life to be staged.

Instead of traditional accommodation, it allows guests to use consumer goods such as local foods and beverages that they want to try by staying in a farmhouse-village house.

Providing these facilities with a family business approach requires the materials as well as the originality of furnishing and decoration to be qualified. These qualitative facilities, which are not required to be central to the heating system, have the following qualifications:

  • Offering local and homemade food and beverage types to customers
  • Arrangements such as balconies, verandas and terraces that provide visual use of natural environments.
  • Fireplace in the living room
  • Site arrangement that allows reading and resting
  • General information about natural and cultural values ​​around the facility and environmental protection
  • One common customer shower, toilet and sink area for every five rooms.

 Mountain House

Plateau houses are at least five-room accommodation establishments located in the plateaus that are suitable for development by the ministry, which can serve as detached or collective. For the guests in these facilities, which are put into service with the improvement of the existing plateau houses or the construction of the sample plateau house types to be determined by the ministry; common eating and resting area, one common customer shower, toilet and sink area, kitchen arrangement is made for every five rooms. Attention is also paid to the promotion of folkloric values ​​such as local food and handicrafts by using the ecosystems and uses for the protection and development of natural life in the highlands.

Chalet (Oberj)

Mountain House; They are accommodation establishments at least one star hotel level, which is operated with an environmentally responsible understanding in order to do winter sports or grass sports and benefit from the beauties of nature. The qualities that must be found in these facilities are:

  • Taking necessary measures against physical difficulties brought by nature conditions such as fringe arrangement at the entrance
  • Possibility of renting the necessary materials and equipment for winter or grass sports and storage for them and at least one certified instructor staff for teaching these sports
  • First-aid tools and equipment for sports injuries and certified personnel for first aid.

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