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It is a province in the Western Black Sea region, bordering the Black Sea to the west and North. With a surface area of 3.309 km2, it covers six thousand of the territory of Turkey. Of the city, 52% is covered with forests. The territory of the province starting from the Black Sea coast is surrounded by the provinces of the Black Sea to the north, Bartın to the Northeast, Karabük to the east, Bolu to the south and Düzce to the West.

Zonguldak districts, Center, alaplı, Çaycuma, Devrek, Gökçebey, Kilimli, Kozlu and Black Sea Ereğli districts were formed.

Gökgöl Cave

Gökgöl cave, located 5 kilometers southeast of Zonguldak, is located on the eastern slope of Erçek Creek buried deep in its bed. Its total length is 3,350 meters. 2 of Zonguldak. it is the longest cave. Travertine, stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, flow drips, pasta stalactites are available. It is said to be good for asthma.

Filyos Castle

The castle, thought to have been built by the Romans, was built on a promontory, a point dominating the city’s sea. Large stones were used in its construction with the intention of giving it a strong and imposing appearance. The first settlement is on Castle Hill in the north of the city. Today, the walls of the medieval castle and the ruins of the Tower dated to the Hellenistic-Roman periods are found here. To the east of the Castle Hill, marble columns and pedestals, marble inscribed slab, stone sarcophagi and brick tombs were uncovered.

Kapuz Beach

Kapuz Beach is one of the preferred places to enter the sea in the city. Awarded with a blue flag in 2015, it has the distinction of being the only Blue Flag beach in Zonguldak. Kapuz Beach, located in the city center of Zonguldak, is 180 meters long and 25 meters wide and has a sand beach.

The Cehennemağzı Cavern

It is located in Inönü District, Karadeniz Ereğli district. The distance to the city center of Zonguldak is 50 kilometers. The Cehennemağzı caves, which operate as the ruins of the Black Sea Ereğli Museum, consist of three caves lined up side by side.

The first cave consists of two sections. The first cave is known as church cave. The floor of the first part is furnished with original plant and mosaic with geometric motifs. There is a small curve in the eastern wall of the second part of the cave and steps are in front of this curve. This cave is a fairly old Christian Church.

The second cave is named Koca Yusuf cave. This cave is located on a slope 11-12 meters high. Following a narrow entrance on the slope, a 3-step staircase leads into the cave. The cave continues into the mountain for about 1.5 kilometers. A piece of rock that fell from the cave ceiling in the 1960s closed the road and only a 350-foot path could be used.

The third cave is the largest cave by area. It is known by the name Ayazma cave. The floor of this cave is covered with floor water. It is thought to serve as a water cistern for the first and second caves made by human hands.

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